consulting packages


  • Coaching: get the help you need and the breakthrough you deserve.
    $70/ hr- up to two sessions per month- includes one manuscript critique of up to 3,500 words.

  • Accountability Coaching: get back on track with a clear path to your goals. Receive reminders when due dates approach and help whenever you get stuck with one scheduled session per week and two flexible mini-sessions.$500 for two months- includes manuscript critique (any length) plus one digital asset such as a book cover.

  • Career Author Training: for the serious writer. This is a two-month intensive to create the career that you always wanted. You will learn how to successfully self-publish and earn a living as an author through disciplined guidance. Your first book will be completed and all services you cannot perform yourself will be done for you.$4,000 for two months- includes above services plus as-you-need-it graphic work (website, book cover, layout, etc.) *Due to the workload required, we can only offer this service to three writers at a time.

à la carte service

  • Concept Development $50/ hour
  • Ghost Writing $.05/word
  • Content Feedback $1/ 1k words
  • Editing $60/ 4k words
  • Illustrations $50 and up
  • Cover Design $60/ hour
  • Sales Copy $75/ piece
  • eBook Layout $75
  • Print Layout $170
  • Marketing Email for Quote
  • Branding Development $50/ hour


Thought Bubble Publishing is looking for authors, illustrators, and other professionals to collaborate with and publish new content.


These partnerships work similarly to how traditional publishing works in that the services are rendered to your work, from concept to completion, without any cost to you.


Thought Bubble Publishing does not pay advances. Rather, we share in the gross royalty of the final product with the originator of the work. Our share of the royalty depends on the amount of work that we perform and ranges from %5 to %30 of the gross royalty.


If you publish with us, all aspects of publication will be taken care of. We will work with you through the process and provide marketing instruction and assistance before and after publication. Think of it as a collaboration, more than a service. We want to see you succeed.


Queries can come in any form from a synopsis, to a log line, a general concept, to even a fully-fledged work, we are interested in your ideas. That being said, by querying us you acknowledge that ideas are sometimes similar and that you will not hold us accountable if we publish a piece similar to what you proposed.


By querying us, you are agreeing to not hold us liable.


And unlike other publishers and agencies, if we reject you, we will tell you why.

We hope to hear from you soon and and look forward to bringing your idea to life.